Sustainable Global Health Equity: acting locally, thinking globally
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World Federation of Public Health Associations, Switzerland
Latin American Alliance for Global Health (ALASAG), Costa Rica
Network for Health Equity in the Americas (HENA / RAES)
Brazilian Association of Collective Health (ABRASCO), Brazil
Publication date: 2023-04-27
Popul. Med. 2023;5(Supplement):A860
  Achieving sustainable health equity should be a priority for all countries. Several national and international organisations support sustainable health equity as a guiding principle for economic, social and environmental policies. However, very often governments do not apply this principle and the basic needs of many population groups are not met even if the planet has sufficient resources. To reduce inequalities and promote a more equitable distribution of resources, several determinants of health must be addressed. This is even more true in the complex reality in which we live, facing a series of crises such as climate change, COVID-19, etc. that further exacerbate the gap between higher and lower income countries and reverse progress in developing economies. The various aspects of inequality, such as income, education, gender, health, employment opportunities, are closely interrelated and mutually reinforcing. Inequality starts with unequal education. Health is a human right; sustainable health equity should be our commitment for the next generations. During the workshop, renewed public health leaders from different regions of the world will present their real-life experiences, discuss current projects and innovative ideas on how to develop and strengthen approaches to ensure sustainable health equity at the national and global level and to guarantee the dignity of every human being.