5 practical actions for national health literacy development
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Swinburne University of Technology Australia
Universidade NOVA de Lisboa Portugal
University of Oslo Norway
Publication date: 2023-04-26
Popul. Med. 2023;5(Supplement):A865
Brief outline of the overall workshop This highly participatory and interactive workshop is suitable for attendees working in low to high resource settings. It will provide participants with guidance about how to undertake practical actions for health literacy development at a local and national level. The workshop activities will focus on the five action areas for health literacy development and responsiveness as described within the report ‘Health literacy development for the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases: Volume 3. Recommended actions’ (World Health Organization; 2022). The workshop facilitators collaborated with the WHO to produce this report. Drawing on their practical knowledge and experience from low- to high-income countries, the workshop facilitators will lead the participants through a series of activities and case studies related to each of the five action areas. This workshop will model to the participants how they can incorporate health literacy approaches into their own organisation’s strategic planning and evaluation. In this way the workshop will be both translational and build capacity. Specific aims/objectives and component parts This workshop has two aims: * Translate the framework for health literacy development and responsiveness into action. * Build the capacity of the participants to undertake health literacy development After a brief orientation to the report, the workshop will focus on the five action areas for the development of health literacy development and responsiveness. These action areas were designed as a framework that can be taken into different settings to be adapted and contextualized as needed. This workshop will enable participants to undertake a simulated activity in each area and begin to plan for implementation in their own setting. The five action areas and related activities are described below: 1. Prepare for national health literacy development and responsiveness. * Activities will focus on developing an understanding of health literacy measurement 2. Build health literacy responsive health systems * Activities will focus on organisational assessment 3. Build community health literacy * Activities will focus on co-design and working with community leaders 4. Target community groups * Activities will focus on identifying who is missing out on services (e.g. digital exclusion) 5 Integrate health literacy at the national level through to local levels * Activities will focus on developing sustainable support structures (e.g. national health literacy action plan, community of practice) The key questions that the workshop will address * How organisations can use health literacy development strategies for health and equity improvements at local and regional levels * How to effectively deliver health services and health-promotion activities to people with varying health literacy profiles in different contexts * What practical activities can be applied to develop health literacy in populations, organisations and communities * How to identify and prioritise groups that are being left behind (people that services are failing to engage effectively) * How to strengthen the reach and effectiveness of services and programs through the integration of health literacy at a local and national level
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