Special publications & Reprints

Population Medicine publishes Supplements, Special Issues and Reprints as long as they advance research or policies within the journal's scope.

Approval Process
Authors are kindly requested to contact the editorial office if they are interested in submitting a special issue to Population Medicine. The request should be accompanied by an outline of prospective manuscripts including but not limited to the scope, authors, titles and timeline. The source of funding of the research will also be assessed. The proposal will be evaluated by the editorial board for its relevance to the journal and a decision will be made if the supplement is in scope.

Publication Process
Should the editorial board allow for the submission of a special issue, all manuscripts will undergo the routine peer review process. No exceptions to the vigorous peer review process of the journal will be made. The publication of manuscripts in a special issue can be either consecutive (rolling) with manuscripts published as they are accepted, or it may be published at one specific timepoint that will be agreed upon with the editorial board.

Professional quality reproduction of articles is offered by Population Medicine as a reprint service.
For authors that wish to personalize their articles through reprints service, we offer the ability to add their company logo and advertising corporate products messages.
For a personalized offer, please submit your request at editorial@populationmedicine.eu including:
  • Details of the article to be reproduced
  • The desirable number of reprints
  • Special requirements (e.g., disclaimers, company logos, advertisements etc.)
  • Your full contact details.
  • All information distributed by the journal must not be false or misleading, hence all articles undergo are published in accordance with the peer-review procedures of the journal.
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