A better lifestyle favors the adoption of integrative and complementary therapies: the brazilian national health survey
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Federal university of santa catarina brazil
Federal university of santa catarina rua desembargador pedro silva 2100 brazil
Publication date: 2023-04-26
Popul. Med. 2023;5(Supplement):A932
Background and objective:
Physical activities, diet, and sedentary behavior are essential predictors in understanding the binomial lifestyle-health outcomes. Thus, a poor lifestyle may be associated with the demand for health services such as integrative and complementary therapies. This study aimed to investigate the association between clusters of lifestyle behaviors and adherence to integrative and complementary therapies in a representative sample of Brazilians.

A cross-sectional study with secondary data analysis from the 2019 National Health Survey. 90,814 Brazilians over 15 years of age were analyzed. Independent variables were lifestyle domains; the dependent ones were the adoption of adherence to integrative and complementary therapies in primary health care. Data were obtained through questionnaires and analysis by descriptive and inferential statistics. A Two-step cluster analysis was used to identify the populations lifestyle profiles. The Rao-Scott chi-square test and logistic regression models were used for the inferential analysis.

Three clusters were observed: the “Active-green diet” (26.73%; CI95%: 26.22 - 27.26), the “Inactive-health diet “ (42.15; CI95%; 41.59 - 42.72), and the “At-risk” (31.11; CI95%; 30.54-31.69). Sedentary behavior was high to very high for cluster profiles. Individuals with an “Active-green diet” were more likely to adhere to integrative and complementary therapies (OR = 1.55; CI95%: 1.34 – 1.81).

A healthier lifestyle favor Brazilians choice for integrative and complementary therapies in the primary health care system. New studies are needed to understand whether there are inequities in access to complementary therapies in Brazil.

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