An integrated healthy lifestyle toolkit for the Pacific Islands region
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University of Auckland, 32 Cambourne Road, New Zealand
Te Marae Ora, Cook Islands
Ministry of Health Niue
University of Otago
Moana Connect, New Zealand
Publication date: 2023-04-26
Popul. Med. 2023;5(Supplement):A1486
Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs) including cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, chronic respiratory diseases, and mental disorders are the leading causes of death in the Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTS). The PICTs are especially hard hit by the NCD crisis due to several factors, not the least being trade of unhealthy commodities. A review of existing NCD resources for primary care providers was conducted to describe the resources available to support those working alongside families and individuals in the region to reduce NCD risk factors. Aims: To collate and critically appraise the NCD risk factors related resources for primary care providers to promote healthy lifestyles in the PICTs.To systematically appraise the content in respect to access, focus, cultural relevance, tone, practically of advice and translation (for other countries) within each resource.

Resources (guides, toolkits, advice kits) were collected through a search of all 14 PICTs Ministry of Health (MoH), NGO and primary care providers using predefined search terms . An Excel file was constructed by country and by category: healthy lifestyle guidelines, diabetes management (two of the most used general categories) physical activity, nutrition, alcohol, and tobacco. Resources relevant to all 22 PICTs including those prepared by the Intergovernmental and NGOs were included.

Our review reveals the scope of existing materials including the gaps and potential opportunities for integration, alignment, and innovation available to primary care health workers. The review is testament to investment afforded to NCDs risk reductions via behaviour change techniques. The language and framing reflect a preference for individual choice and decision making in taking actions to live healthy lives.

Healthy lifestyle-related resources for primary care providers need to reflect cultural and practical realities for context and adapt to changing modalities to ensure resources are accessible and outcomes, equitable.

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