Breaking the health silos - once and forever?
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ICN Switzerland
World Federation of Public Health Associations, Switzerland
International Hospital Federation, Switzerland
Public Health Association of South Africa South Africa
World Federation of Public Health Associations Switzerland
Publication date: 2023-04-26
Popul. Med. 2023;5(Supplement):A1012
Silos in health are detrimental to patients and society. They inhibit the effective use of the workforce, hinder collaboration, limit coordination and lead to high costs and poor outcomes for the patients and the society. Healthcare workers are very often not trained in communication and teamwork, thus amplifying the silos effect and making relations with patients, the community and the media, very complex. This silo mentality does not only apply to the care environment, but also to public health: to provide a stronger and healthier future generation, it is crucial to ensure that every individual has access to the public health and care they need and that social inequalities that contribute to ill health are addressed. This workshop, organized by the World Federation of Public Health Associations (WFPHA), the International Hospital Federation (IHF), the South African Medical Association and the World Patients Alliance (WPA), is part of a broader debate on the need to rethink health, prevention, public services and justice. With members worldwide, these four organizations will discuss how to co-design a new framework and advocate for a better use of the workforce beyond sectors to promote health, patients’ outcomes and reduce health inequalities. During the workshop, panelists from the four organizations will share their experiences and vision to create a more equitable health system that meets the needs of patients and communities.
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