Citizen diplomacy for incidence and advocacy in public health, a new model
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National School of Public Health UA Professor Colombia
National School of Public Health Advisor on international affairs & diplomacy Colombia
National School of Public Health UA Advisor on international affairs & diplomacy Colombia
Publication date: 2023-04-26
Popul. Med. 2023;5(Supplement):A714
Diplomacy is becoming a word of public domain which is usually described by an adjective to indicate its area of emphasis, generally with mere academic rigor. However, understanding diplomacy and its possibilities require the consideration of two broad categories: State diplomacy and Citizen diplomacy; but also needs to be regarded as a discipline, as a profession and, as such, it should maintain several elements inherent to its nature. State diplomacy is reserved for the heads of State and Government, as well as Ministers, who follow very specific rules to promote their national interest; whereas Citizen diplomacy is allowed to the civil society to promote the social agenda by following very specific rules while using more flexible mechanisms. In order to develop a Model of Diplomacy for a School of Public Health which allows for political incidence, sanitary and health advocacy, opinion leadership and social control, in the framework of Sustainable Development Goals, climate change, common good and peace, this literature review considered State Diplomacy, Health Diplomacy, Global Health Diplomacy, Science Diplomacy, and Citizen Diplomacy taking the most valuable elements to create a new model of Citizen Diplomacy for Public Health and Higher Education. Furthermore, the proposal intends to draw a path of action by adapting to the possibilities given to civil society, on the one hand the principles, pillars and elements of State Diplomacy, as well as the qualities of a diplomat, the ranks, and the functions of diplomacy; on the other hand, the characteristics of Health Diplomacy and the attributes of Science Diplomacy; and finally the mechanisms of Citizen Diplomacy. As a results, a methodic route for Citizen Diplomacy for Public Health and Higher Education is possible to better influence, advocate, lead, and control by means of soft power on behalf of a more mature and sensitive public health.
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