Confidence in midwives in prevention of HPV - associated diseases in Bulgaria
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Medical university, Pleven, Bulgaria
Medical University, Pleven, Bulgaria
Publication date: 2023-04-27
Popul. Med. 2023;5(Supplement):A1815
Introduction: The main methodsof prevention of viral infection caused by human papilloma virus (HPV-associated diseases) are: the health literacy, prevention through vaccination and the quality of health care. The lack of confidence in the health professionals is one of the main reasons for the high prevalence of HPV-associated diseases in developed countries and Bulgaria. The aim of the study is to analyze the confidence of female patients towards the midwife as a health care specialist, in the prevention of HPV-associated diseases. Methods: In the period 2020-2022 in the city of Pleven, Bulgaria, a case-control study was conducted. 200 female patients with and without HPV-associated disease are covered in the study. The sociological method through direct individual questionnaire was applied. The data analysis throws MS Office Excel software program 2019 and SPSS v.28 was performed. Results: 200 women are included in the study: 100 of them (cases) were diagnosed with HPV-associated disease, and 100 were clinically healthy or with another gynaecological problem (controls). More than half of the surveyed reported that they would turn to the midwife for advice on preventing HPV-infection. The proportion of cases (61.0%) prevail that of controls (54.0%). A statistically significant relationship was established between the high level of education and turning to the midwife for help (χ2=30.744, df=6, p=0.00, Cramers V=0.277). Over 50% of participant declare trust in midwives regarding the screening of HPV-associated disease: 54.0% of the control group and 51.0% of the cases. Statistically significance between education and confidence in the midwife as a health provider specialist (χ2=27.071, df=6, p=0.00, Cramers v=0.260) was proven. Conclusions: The higher level of education of the women increases the trust in the midwife in the preventive activity and proves that there is a need to popularize the midwifes activities at prevention of HPV- associated diseases.
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