Delivery of international vaccinations at the territorial units (uts) of the air and maritime border health offices and seafarers’ health services (usmaf-sasn) of the ministry of health in the period 2017-2022
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University of Pavia Italy
General Directorate for Health Prevention, Ministry of Health, Rome, Italy
Ministry of Health, Rome, Italy General Directorate for Health Prevention, Ministry of Health, Rome, Italy
Ministry of Health, Rome, Italy
Ministry of Healt, Rome, Italy
Publication date: 2023-04-26
Popul. Med. 2023;5(Supplement):A2036
The USMAF-SASNs, which grouped several UTs, provide the mandatory and recommended vaccines for international travel at their outpatient clinics, which are recognised centres for the administration of yellow fever vaccination. During the COVID-19 emergency, the Italian Government issued legislative provisions and rules that affected and restricted the lives of citizens and their habits, also international travels. This works aims at describing the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the delivery of international vaccinations at USMAF-SASNs.

From the NSIS (New Health Information System) of the Ministry of Health, data about the number of vaccine doses administered specific to vaccine type and the UTs-USMAF of delivery were extrapolated. A pre-post time trend analysis was conducted.

During the considered period, 28,868 doses of vaccine were administered in all Italian UTs. Out of these, 22,241 were delivered in the three-year period 2017-2019 and 6,627 in the three-year period 2020-2022. The main USMAF- SASN vaccine outpatient clinics delivered respectively 5,621 vaccines in Lazio and 8,927 vaccines in Lombardy in the six years considered. The pre-post analysis of delivery data showed the negative impact of the pandemic on the access to international vaccinations at USMAF-SASN outpatient clinics, quantifiable in a delivery decrease of 69% between the first and second three-year periods.

The decrease in vaccinations delivery is probably attributable to the decrease in international travel and the restrictive rules applied by Italy and Europe for travel from/to Third Countries. The USMAF-SASN outpatient clinics can represent a support to Local Health Authorities/Regional Health Services widening vaccination delivery as essential service for all citizens.

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