Development of innovative strategies to evaluate teaching-learning processes in public health
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São Paulo State Health Department, Brazil
Publication date: 2023-04-27
Popul. Med. 2023;5(Supplement):A670
Background and Objective: Education and communication in health surveillance have been taught in a very conceptual way in postgraduate programs, without reflection on health practice and return to society. The objective is to transform the way of evaluating a postgraduate course, allowing the use of technological resources to innovate in the area of public health and disseminate the materials prepared to health professionals and the community in general. Methods: The elaboration of the audiovisual materials was carried out by 27 students in 2021 from the Postgraduate Program in Sciences of the Disease Control Coordination/So Paulo State Health Department to approach content of public health during the discipline of Education and Communication in Health Surveillance. As a way of applying active Methodology in the evaluation process, the elaboration of audiovisual materials was proposed. The theme was chosen by students, covering concepts and fundamentals of health education and communication. Results: The group addressed the themes: Patient safety; Covid-19 in schools; Vaccination; One health; and HIV prevention, due to the relevance of the theme and its applicability in the practice of health surveillance. Therefore, it is extremely important to understand the subject in the work routine, aiming at improving health services. The produced videos were based on different methods, popular on YouTube. Audiovisual recordings were presented in the classroom along with an explanatory report of the activities carried out. In addition, the materials produced were posted on the YouTube channel of the Coordination of Disease Control, which allow the dissemination the of knowledge in public health. Conclusions: The use of digital technologies facilitated the learning process and effective communication. It provided innovative views on the same subject, presenting specific contents in a didactic way. The partnership between innovation and creativity made possible to assimilate the application of health surveillance content.
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