Exploring the Use of Digital Health Innovations to Improve Health Equity: An International Perspective
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University of California San Diego, Global Health Policy and Data Institute, 9500 Gilman Drive, MC: 0505, La Jolla, CA 92037, United States
National School of Public Health, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Brazil, Yara, Aboelwaffa, Health 2.0 Egypt, Egypt
Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, National School of Public Health, Av. Leopoldo Bulhões, 1480, Room 319, Brazil
Publication date: 2023-04-26
Popul. Med. 2023;5(Supplement):A654
Digital health innovations are dramatically impacting practices, services, and national health systems. Digital health can potentially expand access to health services, but it can also bring risks to users. This session will therefore discuss the multisectoral understanding of the digital health ecosystem, considering equity as a tenet of modern health systems and a crucial design consideration that needs to be contextualized to local, community, and regional health needs. The workshop’s focus is to increase delegates’ capacity and knowledge in leveraging different digital tools to enhance health equity while also exploring how they align with Sustainable Health Equity goals of the SDGs and local community needs. The workshop will also offer the opportunity to dialogue with the audience about their perspectives and experiences, providing opportunities for connections that can formulate a shared research agenda on digital health innovations and health equity that can be used for capacity building in different communities. After a brief introduction, the workshop will have three moments: (i) provocations through previously elaborated questions from a group of speakers from diverse regional representation (Latin America, the United States, and the Middle East), (ii) questions and answers from the audience to promote shared dialogue and priority setting, and (iii) final considerations of a preliminary action plan for digital health and health equity. At first, each panelist will focus on answering a leading question without prejudice to dialogue with previous presentations. In the second moment, questions will be collected from the audience to be answered in one or two blocks with each speaker and with active collaboration and problem exploration with the audience. Finally, the speakers will weave their final considerations with provocations of future agendas on the subject, including alignment with governance, policy, and the SDGs, and seek consensus from participants using digital learning tools, e.g., online polls. Using this approach, we hope to generate innovative ideas that address unique and underserved areas in global health, health equity, and digital health while also building capacity by enabling participants to continue exploring digital health solutions in their communities. Specific Aims/Objectives: - Describe how digital health system design and digital health tools can enhance health equity and potential risks - Identify different approaches to evaluate technology appropriateness using an equity lens - Provide participants the opportunity to discuss digital health innovation potentials and risks specific to their own communities The key questions that will be addressed in this workshop include the following: - How to design National Digital Health Systems with a health equity lens? What are examples of digital tools that can promote equity? - How to design D2C tools that incorporate equity in the design and approach? How can we evaluate technology appropriateness with an equity lens? - How can we use open innovation to design a more equitable health future?
Changing the paradigm in health and care services: modern value chains using open innovation for the creation of new digital health solutions
Joana Carrilho, Diogo Videira, Cláudia Campos, Luis Midão, Elísio Costa
Frontiers in Digital Health
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