From birth to booster and beyond
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Ospedale Pediatrico Bambin Gesù, Italy
Bristish Medical Association, United Kingdom
Vaccine Confidence Project & Imperial college London, Dr, United Kingdom
Publication date: 2023-04-26
Popul. Med. 2023;5(Supplement):A2015
Background and Objective:
After clean water, vaccinations are recognized as one of the most cost-effective public health investments governments can make.[i].[ii] Despite all European countries having national immunization programs, many children go unvaccinated and remain vulnerable to vaccine preventable diseases (VPDs).[iii] COVID-19 highlighted the risk of cross-border contamination of infectious diseases and evidenced the need to achieve immunity through a united approach.[iv] Pathway effectiveness is essential in improving uptake rates and increase population immunity. This session will set out an implementable framework to strengthen routine immunization systems and build vaccine confidence.

The framework has been developed using insights from an advisory group comprised of diverse professionals with a range of experience and supplemented with secondary research.

The framework outlines an optimimum vaccination pathway, offering holistic recommendations including: HCP training, data, surveillance systems, accesibility; and underpinning factors such as: avoidance of vaccine complacency and fatigue, and building vaccine confidence.

European governments and health system leaders must develop clear and actionable plans that address all elements contributing to vaccine uptake to support 95% target rates in pediatric immunization, ensuring they’re met within all countries and regions. Policy makers should use the framework to implement cohesive pediatric routine immunization pathways, to improve confidence and increase population immunity against VPDs. Authors: Dr Marlowe, Chair London BMA and Dr Tozzi, epidemiologist Ospedale Pediatrico Bambin Gesù et al.

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