Getting to the details: Understanding the commercial determinants of health by learning from local experiences and difference contexts
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London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine United Kingdom
University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Boston University School of Public Health, Boston, United States
Publication date: 2023-04-26
Popul. Med. 2023;5(Supplement):A862
Aims/objectives and component parts:
To map the commercial determinants of health and channels of influence through local, ‘on the ground’ experience from across the worldThe session will start with short presentations from public health professionals working in different contexts and topic areas that will provide an introduction to the commercial determinants, the different ways in which the commercial determinates of health exert their effects, and the gaps in our understanding of these mechanisms. Different industries, settings and commercial strategies will be introduced briefly and the ways in which the activities of the private sector can be framed as a public health issue by shifting the problem definition and revisiting what we mean by “upstream” or “causes of causes”.The workshop will be mainly dedicated to active participation by the attendees. Attendees of the workshop will engage in activities that aim to:Enable identifying commercial determinants in local contexts, exploring if and how this can be done or is currently being done.Map the ways that commercial determinants interact with other influences such as the political, social, and environmental determinants of health and how this poses a challenge to, but also an opportunity to strengthen, public health practicesExplore the benefits and challenges of adopting a commercial determinants of health lens and how this may differ depending on the context, the industry, and other local factors.Discuss how to establish and adopt approaches to addressing commercial determinants that are responsive to their contextual nature while recognising the similarities in strategies and tactics across time and place, and the need for global collaboration on this agenda.

Key questions:
How can we identify and characterise commercial determinants of health in our everyday practices as public health professionals?How does adopting a commercial determinants of health lens to public health issues strengthen or challenge taking action to address them?

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