Governing for planetary health equity
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Planetary Health Equity Hothouse, Australian National University, Australia
Publication date: 2023-04-27
Popul. Med. 2023;5(Supplement):A1825
Planetary health equity (PHE) – the equitable enjoyment of good health in a sustainable ecosystem – is in crisis. Addressing this demands ambitious and urgent action on the structural drivers of social inequity and climate change. These drivers come in the potent form of the global consumptogenic system. Yet, despite the unfolding catastrophe, little effective political and policy attention is given to transform the consumptogenic system and act in the interests of PHE. The overarching aim of this workshop is to explore theoretical and analytical approaches to unpack and understand the role of actors and institutions, policy processes, power dynamics, and governance possibilities that could transform the consumptogenic system towards PHE goals. Specific Aims/Objectives and component parts: 1.Unpack the meaning and relationship between the global consumptogenic system and planetary health inequities, 2. Identify and discuss approaches to understanding how to optimise mitigation policy for climate, social and health goals, 3. Explore new conceptual and methodological approaches for researching governance for planetary health equity, 4. Expand and deepen networks of governance for health equity among the academic, government and civil society communities internationally. Drawing on emerging work from the Planetary Health Equity Hothouse [1], the workshop will present two short provocations (20 mins total) based on the new research from speakers Friel and Arthur. This will be followed by small group work focused on three PHE issues, with plenary feedback. Presentation: 1. Transforming the consumptogenic system – key to planetary health equity. 2. Optimising climate change mitigation policy and coherent governance for planetary health equity goals. 3. Critical dimensions of climate change mitigation policy design for reducing planetary health inequities. 4. Understanding dimensions of power that shape governance for PHE in different contexts. 5. A research and advocacy agenda to mobilise structural change for PHE. The key questions that the workshop will address: The workshop asks: What does planetary health equity mean and how to measure it? What does climate mitigation policy look like that optimises social and health outcomes? How do power dynamics in policy systems shape the outcomes of mitigation policies? What does coherent governance for planetary health equity look like? Links: ------[1]
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