Industry responses to the work of those involved in exposing the harmful practices of corporations
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Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
University of Bath, United Kingdom
George Washington University, United States
Publication date: 2023-04-27
Popul. Med. 2023;5(Supplement):A1758
Understanding and addressing harmful corporate practices is a key building block in protecting and promoting public health internationally. Corporations are however aggressive and inventive in their responses to health professionals, civil society organizations, scholars, journalists, and government officials, whose work focuses on highlighting these corporate practices. The tobacco industry, for example, monitored and spied on the activities of public health professionals, used misleading criticism of their work, and attacked their reputation and motivation. With the present project, our Aims were i) to map industry responses to the work of health professionals, civil society organisations, and scholars involved in identifying, monitoring and raising awareness about the harmful practices of corporations, across the globe, ii) to identify solutions to address these responses and better protect public health professionals, and, ultimately, public health policy. Our project comprised three interrelated work packages. The first (WP1) involved a scoping review of: a) industry responses to the work of those exposing their harmful practices; b) public health community’s responses to these industry activities. The second (WP2) comprised an online survey sent to approximately 50 individuals who, through their profession, expose the harmful practices of corporations to generate new and up-to-date data on the form and trends in industry responses to health activities. We focused on the perceptions and experiences of the survey participants. Thirdly, we conducted interviews (WP3) aimed at identifying solutions to face these responses from the industry. Ethics approval was granted from the ethics committee of Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.
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