Investigation of the performance of public policies in risk management in the face of disruptive events in Brazil
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School of Public Health and Humanities School, Pontifical Catholic University - State Secretariat of Saude, Brazil
Humanities School, Pontifical Catholic University, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Publication date: 2023-04-27
Popul. Med. 2023;5(Supplement):A1672
This research investigates risk management in relation to disruptive events in 02 Brazilian regions suffering from the extremes of humidity, droughts and floods that cause the eviction of vulnerable populations. This imposes on science and public policies a commitment to investigate the impacts that violently affect communities, especially the most vulnerable to propose prevention and/or mitigation actions. Methodology: Documentary research with analysis of documents such as: contingency plans, protocols, etc., Bibliographic research. Empirical research - interviews, focus groups, seminars-.  The sample is representatives of the public administrations of the municipalities, researchers from universities and members of civil society from 20 municipalities in the 02 Brazilian states-Amazonas and Rio Grande do Sul. Results: The bibliographic search was initiated and also the list of documents that will be included in the search was started. The project has consultants from Australia, South Africa and Italy, countries systemically affected by disasters. It does not yet present Results analyzed. Conclusions:s or reflections: The investigation of disasters and/or disruptive events of social dynamics is a necessary inclusion in the commitment to know the impacts that disruptive events have especially on the most vulnerable populations. The inconsistencies in the definitions in relation to what is disaster generates insufficiency in the guidelines and accountability in relation to these events in the different professions, organs and public policies. Scientific research on these phenomena is the responsibility of researchers, but their confrontation is the responsibility of all actors of society in particular of the State through public policies.
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