Magnitude of quality Antenatal Care Service: a systematic review and meta-analysis
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Saint Paul's Hospital, Millennium Medical College, School of Nursing, Ethiopia
Publication date: 2023-04-27
Popul. Med. 2023;5(Supplement):A1023
Background:  High quality of antenatal care (ANC) is also associated with improved opportunities to screen for and treat other chronic conditions and non-communicable diseases. Objectives: The aim of this study was to estimate the global quality of antenatal care services.  Methods: We conducted comprehensive literature research for published and unpublished sources from 2002 to September 08 /2022. All statistical analyses in this study were performed on stata16.0. Results: A total 76 studies with a sample size of 940164 were included with poor quality antenatal care services utilization ranges from 2.5% to 97.47% among pregnant women. The global pooled poor quality of antenatal care services was 64.28% (95%CI: 59.58% − 68.98%)  with (I2= 99.97%, p=0.001). In the subgroup analysis 70 studies done in low and middle-income countries with a weighted sample size of 861776, and 617031 pregnant women utilized poor-quality ANC services ranges from 23.5% to 97.47%.  Finally, 15 studies were conducted in Ethiopia with a weighted sample size of 12031 pregnant women of antenatal care attendants revealed that 7989 pregnant women utilized poor quality ANC services ranges from 50% to 96 %. The pooled prevalence of poor Antenatal Care services in Ethiopia was 70.52% (95%CI: 64.55% − 76.48%), with significant heterogeneity between studies (I2= 98.37%, p=0.001).   Conclusions:s and recommendations: The pooled estimate revealed that 64 per 100 pregnant women utilized poor quality ANC services globally. This study revealed regional and country-level disparities, where pregnant women who resided in Asia, Africa, and South American continents had the highest poor quality antenatal care services utilization. Therefore, policymakers and health planners would put a great deal of emphasis on addressing the quality of Antenatal care services. 
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