Modern doctoral program in public health and social science in Georgian universities
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National Center for Disease Control and Public Health, The University of Georgia, Georgia
School of Health Sciences, The University of Georgia, Georgia
School of Health Sciences , University of Georgia, Georgia
Faculty of Medicine, Tbilisi State University, Georgia
Publication date: 2023-04-27
Popul. Med. 2023;5(Supplement):A657
Main challenge for academic programs is to respond to the needs of the healthcare sector faced during pandemic. Social determinantsconstitute about 50% of known risk factors and behavior strongly influence a burden of disease. To improve population health and to mitigation potential threats it is necessary to know health risks that are shifted from social and behavioral spheres. Modern models of public health study are more social driven and meets demand of healthcare system to improve response to potential threats. These lead academic programs to change teaching approach, include multidisciplinary and intersectoral collaboration and tackle social determinants of health. Thus, project “Doctoral Programmes in Public Health and Social Science” (DPPHSS) was initiated in the frame of Erasmus+ programme. Georgian High Education Institutions (HEIs) were participant of this project. The aim was to create modern doctoral program in public health and social science to prepare workforce equipped with knowledge and skills of the proper understanding of social component. It was initiated a cross-sectional, quantitative survey. The study was conducted among stakeholders: faculty, respective doctoral and master students, in total 60. Data were taken in one shot measurement during the dissemination event of the DPPHSS in 2021, using questionnaire. According Results several courses, most important for the public health doctoral programme are Social and behavioral aspects of public health (35%), Health promotion (35%), and Advanced epidemiology and statistics (30%). 75% of respondents advice to upgrade PhD programme according to the current pandemic needs to avoid health services disruption. Hence, in late 2021 was created modern doctoral programmes in public health and social science at the Georgian HEIs (The University of Georgia, Tbilisi State University). Consequently, integration of social science in the public health programme contributed to better health care and social services provision and mitigate negative impact of pandemic.
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