Pandemic surveillance system pilot
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Robot Systems LLC, Mongolia
Publication date: 2023-04-27
Popul. Med. 2023;5(Supplement):A1706
Pandemic Surveillance System pilot and actual interface design and end-user components of the pilot project. It is extremely critical that making the right decisions during pandemic, such as imposing appropriate restrictions and reopening the economy at an optimal time and pace. Primary role of PSS pilot was designing and testing Pandemic management system architecture, it maintains pandemic related Master data as a single source. During piloting PSS implemented core four component systems including Data collection system, Pandemic information system, Lab management system, Early Warning Analytic system. Methods: 1. After numerous meetings and interview among stakeholders including Ministry of Health, National Health Data Center, National Centre for Communicable Diseases, National Center for Zoonotic Diseases, we find out effective solution for multisource based Pandemic Surveillance System design. Based on this finding, we proposed integrated PSS system architecture that able to oversee most important pandemic indicators at centralized storage and keep historical data for further study. 2. PSS is designed for enterprise architecture, functional abilities of PSS are very wide including data governance, data standardization, business glossary, and semantic mapping and data flow management. Results: This component is aimed for delivering insight reports after receiving aggregated data from other components. End-Users able to set up expected outcomes and factors then system automatically generate analytical insights to user. Core aspects of this components is that it triggers messages when unusual activity or insight appears in data. Also, will integrate with EWS system at NEMA. Summary: Pandemic surveillance system (PSS) provides several benefits to government such as allowing to use MDM for more accurate analyses of the pandemic, and more informed decisions about reopening economies around the country. PSS is implemented for timely surveillance systems that collect information on epidemic prone diseases to trigger prompt public health interventions.
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