Prescription pattern of antibiotics amongst dentists of Karachi,Pakistan
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Karachi, Pakistan
Publication date: 2023-04-27
Popul. Med. 2023;5(Supplement):A106
Background: In dentistry, antibiotics are recommended for preventative and therapeutic purposes. Most baseless prescriptions of antibiotics have been reported in cases of ear and dental infections. Antibiotic resistance in children and adults may results from erroneous antimicrobials usage by clinicians, which is a critical global health hazard. The development of strict prescription guidelines and educational policies is urgently required. Objectives: The study’s purpose was to observe whether the dental practitioners are following the established global standards or not and to examine the antibiotics prescription pattern among dentists. Methods: A cross sectional study consisted of 401 participants conducted in government institutes and private teaching institutions of Karachi, Pakistan. The individuals have been questioned by a validated survey form that contains descriptive information and examples of different therapeutic Findings, after obtaining authorized approval, verifying the eligibility standards. SPSS 20 was used to enter and evaluate the data. Chi square test was used for inferential analysis. Results: Participants mean lifespan was 31 ±5.6 years, and 57.6% (n=231) of them were women. The majority of them, or 76.3% (n=306), evaluated to treat 15 or less kids every month, whereas 23.7% dentists (n=95) handled more than 15 kids in a month. Additionally, 82.8% (n=332) of the dentists worked at hospital dentistry, while 44.4% (n=178) saw patients in the public sectors outpatient department. The overall compliance with professional recommendations ranged from 38.6% to 75.6%. Conclusions: This study demonstrates that most dental professionals do not follow professional recommendations for prescribing antibiotics to treat pediatric oral infections. The pattern of antibiotic prescription by dentists appears to conflict with the advised professional guidelines. The majority of dental professionals (63.8%) prescribed antibiotics, with female dentists being more likely (57.6%) to follow professional antibiotic standards. Dental practitioners need regular updates and continuing medical education on the subject to adhere with guidelines.
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