Prevalence and associated factors to cigarette smoking among school adolescents in Tunisia, 2021
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Department of Epidemiology, National Institute of Health, Tunisia
SURVEN, Research Laboratory, Nutrition Surveillance and Epidemiology, Tunisia
Medical Faculty of Medicine, Tunis El Manar University, Tunisia
Intensive Care Unit Department, Center for Urgent Medical Assistance, Tunis, Tunisia
Publication date: 2023-04-26
Popul. Med. 2023;5(Supplement):A1206
Background and Objective:
Tobacco use among youth is a real public health concern in most developing countries. To provide recent epidemiological data regarding tobacco use among this specific population, a national survey was conducted in Tunisia in 2021. We aimed to determine cigarette smoking prevalence in Tunisian adolescents and assess associated factors. We aimed to determine cigarette smoking prevalence in Tunisian adolescents and assess associated factors.

Data from the Mediterranean school survey on alcohol and other drugs(MedSPAD 2021) were used. Based on three-stage stratification sampling method, first and second grade high school students were enrolled. A self-administered standardized questionnaire was used and weighted prevalence estimates for cigarette smoking “at least once in a lifetime” were studied. Binary logistic regression model was used to assess associated factors and Adjusted Odds Ratios (AORs) were presented. The independent factors included were: sex, area of residence, private or public sector, alcohol and cannabis use, and being exposed to tobacco smoking in family and peer’s environment. CSRpro and STATA software were used for data entry and statistical analysis, respectively.

Among 6.201 participants with a mean age of 16.8 years, 60.4% were girls; the prevalence of cigarette smoking was 24,75% 95% CI[23.24,26.32], significantly higher among boys (41.1% versus 14.2%,p

Prevalence and predictors of tobacco, alcohol and illicit drug experimentation among Tunisian middle and high school-adolescents
Amel Amara, Nihel Omri, Jihene Sahli, Chakib Zedini, Ouni El, Ali Mtiraoui, Manel Mallouli, Mariem Ghardalou
International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and Health
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