Quadbike Injury Risk Clusters - A Cluster Analysis of Emergency Records in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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United Arab Emirates University, United Arab Emirates
Dubai Corporation Ambulatory Services
Publication date: 2023-04-26
Popul. Med. 2023;5(Supplement):A1917
Background and Objective:
Desert recreational sports in the middle east, especially Dubai is an integral part of tourism, and local winter recreation. Quadbike riders in this region ride in different terrain with varying degree of riding competency. This study tries to identify unique riding habits and risk clusters among quadbike riders that lead to different injury outcomes in Dubai. Identifying these rider clusters with unique risk habits could help in optimizing resources with tailored intervention strategies. This study aims to identify and describe the different clusters of quadbike riders in Dubai.

Two-step cluster analysis helped identify clusters from incident reports of injured patients who availed Dubai Corporation for Ambulatory Services (DCAS) ] between 2017 and 2021. The variables for cluster analysis were identified by Principal Component Analysis and ANOVA helped quantify the dissimilarities between the four clusters.

Our study showed four risk clusters among quadbike riders in Dubai. They are grouped as Night collisions, Night rollover, Daytime mild rollover and Daytime severe rollover. Emirati riders of younger age groups were more likely to ride at night and get a severe injury due to collision and rollover. Non-nationals appear much older, more likely to stick to daytime driving and more likely to get mild skin abrasions due to rollovers.

Distinct injury mechanism in different demographic groups of quadbike riders help identify targeted interventions among rider groups. Younger nationals at risk of night collisions and rollovers would benefit from increased guardianship, vehicle modification and crowd control. Resources can be conserved among the mildly injured tourists and non-nationals through first aid posts at tour companies.

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