Study on effectiveness of online learning among medical students of Bpkihs during COVID-19
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School of Public Health and Community Medicine, Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Nepal
Publication date: 2023-04-27
Popul. Med. 2023;5(Supplement):A628
Background and objectives: Responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in medical education have varied from country to country, from closures of medical schools to online learning approaches to abiding by country-specific measures such as social distancing. The sudden transition from on-campus learning to exclusively online learning is challenging for both faculty and students and has required a lot of preparation in a short time. This study focuses on assessing the effectiveness of online teaching among medical students of BPKIHS during COVID-19.  Methods:  A cross sectional study was done among the 100 undergraduate medical students of BPKIHS. Convenient sampling method was used to select study participant. Almost equal number of students from each batch were selected randomly. Mixed method was used for the study. Stratified random selection was done in equal proportion of 1:1. Self-Administered, Semi-structured questionnaire among the Medical students was administered using Google form and open-ended questionnaire was used for qualitative study. Results:  In our online survey 62.0% of the students agreed that the sessions were up to their expectation, 48.0% reported that session/course were well structured, for 55.0% the relevant questions asked motivated learning during online sessions. The pace of the sessions was very fast for 62.0% of the students, 35.0% of the students wanted more visual aids, 41.0% of respondents said voice quality was not good during the session, 59.0% of the students reported online classes were interactive whereas 83.0% of students missed direct, in-person interaction. Adequate Visual aids, good communication and time management skills, good internet strength and quizzing during the sessions were suggestions for improvement of online teaching. Conclusions: According to our Findings most of the students found online sessions effective however improvement in technical issues (audio visual aid, internet connection etc.) would make the online session more effective. 
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