The View of the Approaches of Health Professionals and Patient Relatives to Stem Cell Treatments
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Ankara University Faculty of Language and History-Geography Turkey
Publication date: 2023-04-26
Popul. Med. 2023;5(Supplement):A1869
There is a sub-project of the medicine project, which aims to develop innovations related to stem cell treatments and is supported by the “Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey”. The sub-project is named as ”Socio-Cultural, Economic, Mental Health, Ethical and Legal Impact Assessment Study of Regenerative and Restorative Medicine Practices in Turkey”. The project aims to determine the level of awareness that exists in society about stem cell studies. For the field study, ‘Izmir’ was selected from the west of Turkey, ‘Erzurum’ from the east and ‘Ankara’ from the point of view of being the capital of the country and ‘Istanbul’ from the point of view of being the largest province of the country. It is planned to conduct interviews with patient relatives and health workers (doctor, nurse, technician) at the designated public hospital and private hospital in these four provinces. In the field studies in Erzurum and Ankara, where I took part as a researcher, I observed the tendencies of the interviewed people towards research. The perspective of the patients relatives on the study and the questions, the level of awareness differed from each other in Ankara and Erzurum. The socio-economic situation and educational level of the participants in Ankara have a different view than those in Erzurum formed this result. In the context of the professional experiences of health professionals, their unique perspectives and suggestions were also noteworthy. The fact that the working environment is a hospital and the research group has a sensitive structure made it necessary for me to develop an appropriate approach to the individuals I was interviewing as a researcher. As a result, this study has created a valuable experience in terms of observing why the social approach to stem cell, which is a medical field, may differ in which regions in Turkey.
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