The actions performed by the sesc women’s health team to the the city of concei㨣�o de macabu, in a partnership between sesc and the city hall
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Sesc Rio Brazil
Sesc Rio
Sesc RJ Brazil
Publication date: 2023-04-26
Popul. Med. 2023;5(Supplement):A95
It was held from January to April 2022, in Conceição de Macabu - Rio de Janeiro. The objective is to report the data and experience of the SESC Womens Health Project with the local population. The project offered joint actions, with: mammography exams, preventive exams and Health Education. The report was built from the activities experienced by the Womens Health team, whose results were apprehended through a questionnaire, to identify, plan and execute health actions based on local norms. We started with a quantitative investigation, allowing us to evaluate the data obtained through the questionnaires. The next step was the qualitative method, which related the data to the initial investigation. Total assistance in Health Education: 883; mammography exams: 1029; preventive exam: 412. After data collection, we noted that among the women who underwent mammography, 43.15% declared having Systemic Arterial Hypertension (SAH), surpassing the 33.82% who said they did not have SAH. 23.03% did not answer or did not know. Age, skin color, among others, were also evaluated so that we could profile the women assisted. From the data obtained through the questionnaires, meetings and examinations carried out, we realize the importance of the SESC Womens Health Project, serving the local population and collecting data that can help them to implement effective prevention practices and change habits, provide improvements in womens quality of life. The actions carried out were fundamental contributions to prevent and encourage health care, allowing the elaboration of practices, guiding women and helping them in the dissemination of knowledge. It is important to draw attention to the high rate of hypertensive women, and with the continuation of the study, a brief evaluation of the effectiveness of the actions developed is expected, verifying the profile and health habits, to expand access to public health services in a region.
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