The political determinants of health: a local perspective.
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Qatar University, Qatar
Publication date: 2023-04-27
Popul. Med. 2023;5(Supplement):A859
The relationship between our environment, the prevailing political context and policy landscape, and health outcomes from a planetary perspective is not linear. There is no straight forward to understand the links between these three concepts. Consequently, the political determinants of health are not well recognized in public health. This is for several reasons - they are not seen as underpinning all other determinants of health, they are too hard, and they are under researched so there is a limited body of evidence to draw. Conclusions: However, the political determinants of health within a planetary perspective are emerging as an increasingly important variable in health outcomes. This workshop will address complex contemporary public health issues within the context of policy, politics, and health outcomes from a planetary perspective to provide a deep understanding of the political determinants of health. This workshop is more important than ever to prepare the current and next generation of public health, health promotion practitioners and health policy makers for their progressively more intricate careers. Specific aims/objectives and component parts: The specific aim of this workshop is to encourage critical thinkers by challenging participants to explore complex concepts in a safe environment, to think about disciplinary ideas in different and novel ways and to kindle the inner activist to challenge the status quo, make a difference to how things are done, progress fair and equal treatment across the population, bring to the fore and highlight complexities and inequities and not accept complacency. The approach for this workshop is participant centred, interdisciplinary, multi-national and activity based. Complex concepts will be addressed in a highly interactive, engaging and thought-provoking way, the learning approach and activities will be pedagogically robust, and the structure will be logical and easy to follow. A suite of learning activities will cater to diverse learning styles and prior knowledge. The specific components of this workshop are: 1. small and interactive group activities, 2. focused and localized scenario-based activities, 3. hands-on and technology-based activities, 4. participant-led and practice relevant activities. The key questions that the workshop will address: This workshop will expose the explicit and implicit relationships between political decisions, policy and public health outcomes from a planetary perspective. The social determinants of health are well understood in public health, however the political environment which creates these conditions, is rarely given the attention required to truly understand, for example, advocacy and action strategies. The political determinants of health and the social determinants of health are intertwined and complex. This foundational understanding about the complex juxtaposition between these concepts will ensure participants meet learning objectives and feel inspired to apply this new knowledge in their local practice environment. This workshop will address two key questions: 1. How does political decision making from a planetary perspective affect our health - physical, emotional, mental, social, cultural, economic, commercial and environmental - across populations? 2. How can public health, health promotion practitioners and health policy makers engage in the political decision-making process to address health outcomes?
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