Intimate partner violence against women and common mental disorders: an integrative literature review
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Faculty of Medicine of Botucatu, unaffiliated, Brazil
Publication date: 2023-04-26
Popul. Med. 2023;5(Supplement):A1321
Historically related to a persistent gender inequality, configured as a growing public health problem, accompanied by culturally determined actions, violence against women in the domestic environment has been the subject of research in various fields of knowledge, recognized as a complex and multifaceted phenomenon of human rights violation, which brings serious repercussions for the lives of victims, mainly related to mental illness.

To identify the association between the development of common mental disorders and domestic violence against women by an intimate partner.

This is an integrative literature review conducted in the month of July 2022, and the final sample of studies was 28 articles.

After critical reading, the articles were categorized according to the method of analysis, electing three categories: 1) Complications of violence against women on the mental health of victims; 2) Violence against women as potentiator of suicide attempts and ideations; 3) Violence against women during pregnancy: correlations with depression in the postpartum period. The articles ratified the main focus of this study, stating that, regardless of the type of violence suffered and what led the perpetrator to such practice, it has harmful effects on the mental health of the victims and their families. It was also found that the patriarchal culture reinforces this practice, and, associated with the lack of preparation of professionals, these victims do not receive an adequate reception in the services where they seek help.

It is necessary to evolve in several aspects pointed out here, from overcoming patriarchy, to the preparation of future professionals, from graduation on, for the adequate care of victims of domestic violence, expanding the view beyond the biological aspect of this phenomenon, relying on joint and multiprofessional actions, aiming at the integral and longitudinal care of these women.

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