Moral health resources assessment using Mobile Application Rating Scale (MARS)
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World Federation of Public Health, Seoul National University School of Dentistry and Dental Research Institute, Korea, Republic Of
World Federation of Public Health, Switzerland
Publication date: 2023-04-26
Popul. Med. 2023;5(Supplement):A587
This presentation aims to showcase how the World Federation of Public Health Association’s (WFPHA) oral health workgroup identified assessment tools and a set of questionnaires to evaluate moral health and web-based resources that promote oral health literacy and training in oral health. The presentation will showcase how the oral health workgroup from 13 different countries identified moral health and web-based resources and evaluated them using mars and other questions. The presentation will also discuss the dissemination of such resources, which align with the first two priority goals of the WHO’s implementation guide on mobile technologies for oral health. In 2021, the WHO published a guideline on moral health focused on promoting oral health, training health workers, detecting oral health conditions, collecting epidemiological data, and monitoring the quality of patient care. The WFPHA oral health workgroup consists of 24 public health dental leaders from 13 different countries. The group discussed the quality assessment of such moral health or other online sources and selected the mars scale and other customized questionnaires to perform expert panel evaluation for mobile or online oral health resources. The mars is a mobile health app quality rating tool, used on mental health primarily, to measure the quality of an app on engagement, functionality, aesthetics, and information quality, as well as app subjective quality. Using mars, the workgroup evaluated those resources that were aligned with the first two priority areas of the whos guideline: oral health literacy for the general public or training for dental or non-dental providers. This presentation will share the strengths and uniqueness of each resource to the audience as expert opinions and how those resources can promote oral health and oral health care experience. The presentation will also share non-english moral health resources, their concept, and how other countries can adapt to those models.
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