Movimento Biologico: an innovative training program based on mindful movement that can contribute to salutogenesis.
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Department of Medicine and Surgery, University of Perugia, Perugia, Italy Italy
Department of Philosophy, Social Sciences and Education, University of Perugia, Perugia, Italy Italy
Department of Medicine and Surgery, University of Perugia, Perugia, Italy; Italy
Publication date: 2023-04-26
Popul. Med. 2023;5(Supplement):A1273
Background and Objective:
Movimento Biologico (MB) is a form of mindful movement that integrates interoceptive, proprioceptive, kinesthetic, tactile, spatial, emotional, psychological, and relational aspects"through" and "into" movement. We set up a training program based on MB for students attending the 2nd and 3rd year of the Degree in Sport Sciences at the University of Perugia, Italy, and we investigated its feasibility and impact in terms of psychological well-being and sense of coherence, a salutogenic concept related to the way of viewing life. The objective of this work is to describe how the program was organized and launched and to report on students’ participation.

The program was conducted by an expert in MB and developed over a period of 8 weeks, with one day session per week for a total of 48 hours. A meeting was held before and after the program to collect data on participants’ characteristics, lifestyles, psychological well-being and sense of coherence. The program started on October 2022 and was advertised through the website of the Degree in Sport Sciences and students mailing list and WhatsApp group. The enrolment was voluntarily, and applications were collected in the second half of September. The number of participants was set at 40 for logistical issues and a maximum number of 8 hours of absence was allowed.

Out of 56 applications, 38 students (mean age 21.2 years; range 20-25; 60.5% males) followed the program. The majority of students (84.2%) attended the required number of training hours. From participants’ feedbacks emerged the creation of a favorable environment to develop soft skills such as teamwork, empathy, self-awareness and adaptability.

The MB program was attractive and feasible as the expected number of students to enroll was almost achieved and most participants complied with the required attendance reporting overall positive feedback.

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