One health Melioidosis public knowledge measurement for driving public awareness
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Division of Communicable Diseases, Ministry of Public Health Thailand
Division of Communicable Diseases, Ministry of Public Health 1/74 Alist B Condominium,Soi. Tiwanon 14/2 , Talad khwan sub district, Mueang District, 11000 Thailand
Publication date: 2023-04-26
Popul. Med. 2023;5(Supplement):A1644
Melioidosis, also locally known as soil fever that is a public health concern for many countries in Southeast Asia including Thailand. Farmers and people who have careers that contact with soil and water might increases the chance of infection. Risk factors for melioidosis include the presence of diabetes mellitus chronic renal failure and thalassemia. Most melioidosis patients will eventually develop sepsis and life-threatening within 1-2 days of hospitalization. Thus, the Ministry of Public Health’s goal in Thailand would like to focus on reducing the number of infections and deaths, raising awareness. All of the objectives lead to developing the public knowledge measurement to assess people’s comprehension that will be developed the prevention program in the next step.

* To evaluate people’s knowledge and risk behavior of melioidosis infection * To increase melioidosis awareness in people by strengthening the health literacy of melioidosis prevention and control.

The questionnaire was launched via an online platform. The result will demonstrate the level of understanding of risk groups and risk behavior which can lead to the implementation of the prevention and control program via increasing the health literacy of the healthy volunteer and people.

From 2,644 Thai people who complete the melioidosis questionnaires, The result shows that 58% never heard of melioidosis and 41% had heard of this disease but some of them had misunderstood this disease. There are 23% of people believe that melioidosis patients cannot be cured. There are 94% of people who recognize that farmers are a high-risk category, but any job that involves water or soil might be infected.

As a result, Thai people still require additional information about melioidosis, along with enhanced prevention awareness. As a result, the melioidosis prevention and control plan might also promote prevention and awareness of Health volunteers and target risk groups.

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