Workshop on estimating burden of disease metrics - experiences from the German Burden of Disease Study
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Robert Koch Institute Germany
Publication date: 2023-04-26
Popul. Med. 2023;5(Supplement):A1575
Summary measures of population health have become key metrics for quantifying the burden of disease (BoD). These include the BoD metrics YLL (years of life lost due to mortality), YLD (years lived with disability) and their total the DALY (disability-adjusted life years). They can be used to identify the importance of specific diseases and injuries with regard to population health. DALY combine information on mortality (YLL) and morbidity (YLD) by quantifying the deviance between the actual health of the population compared to an ideal health state, allowing population health to be assessed in a consistent and comparable manner. As BoD estimates become more popular in Europe and Germany in particular, methodological questions arise and first results become available. BoD metrics can be used to identify the sex and age specific leading causes of disease or injury and the contribution of mortality and morbidity to the disease specific burden. Moreover, the relative importance of specific risk factors can be quantified, as each metric can be linked to metabolic, behavioral, and environmental risk factors. This demonstrates the great importance of BoD estimates for national and local policy decision making, especially when it comes to the planning and monitoring of prevention programs. Nevertheless, the BoD methodology is complex and highly data intensive, particularly regarding the requirements for data on deaths (mortality) as well as prevalence, severity, and duration (morbidity) by disease. Each estimation process requires several small-scale decisions regarding data handling, operationalization, and statistical analysis. Hence, this workshop will focus on the different methodological challenges when calculating both the fatal (YLL), the non-fatal (YLD) as well as the attributable burden due to risk factors. On the one hand, the workshop will foster exchange on methodological questions and challenges related to calculating the BoD. On the other hand, we will discuss results on YLL, YLD, and DALY that have been obtained so far. As an example, we want to discuss results that have already become available through the German BoD study BURDEN 2020 and through the work of other researchers in the field. The workshop shall be a platform for BoD researchers, including those just starting off and those who are already experienced.
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